Cement and Bitumen Emulsion Based, Two Component, Waterproofing Material

Product Description
ACS BITUCEL 494 ® is cement and modified bitumen emulsion based, two parts, pasty consistency, high durability waterproofing coating. (Complies with DIN 18195 and TSE EN15814.)

Place of usage

  • Outdoor.
  • Foundations and curtain walls.
  • Curtain walls.
  • Flowerpot insulation.
  • Underground parking structures..


  • Consumption is 3 kg/m2 in 2-3 layer.
  • During the application, consumption may increase
  • according to surface roughness



  • Bridges shrinkage cracks with its elastic behavior.
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical applications.
  • Easy to prepare and use.
  • Applied to dry and slightly moist surfaces.
  • Easy to apply brush or trowel.
  • Longer pot life for extended workability.
  • Resistant to freeze thaw cycle.
  • Solvent free, Eco-friendly.