Epoxy Based, Two Component, Self-Leveling Flooring Material

Product Description
ACS FLOOR ESL 200 ® is a two component, solvent free self levelling epoxy based floor coating designed to create a colorful industrial coating.

Place of usage

  • In warehouses.
  • In production areas.
  • In laboratories.
  • Chemistry and Pharmaceutical industries.
  • Shopping centers.
  • In aircraft hangars.
  • At exhibitions and fairgrounds.
  • In garages.
  • Production, packaging and storage areas..


  • High mechanical and chemical resistance.
  • High abrasion resistance.
  • Maintenance and cleaning is easy.
  • High adhesion strength.
  • Has a surface structure that does not allow the formation of germs.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Easy to clean, for hygienic environment.