Phenolic Epoxy Based, Two Component, Self-Leveling Flooring Material

Product Description
ACS FLOOR ESL 400 CH ® is a phenolic epoxy resin based two-component solvent-free self-levelling highly chemically resistant colored flooring material used as a multi-layer or single layer thin coating. Does not contain benzyl alcohol and nonyl phenol.

Place of usage

  • All industrial floors with high chemical and water resistance on concrete, cement or epoxy mortars.
  • Epoxy multilayer systems applied in chemical production and storage / packaging fields where
    forklifts, loaders and heavy vehicle traffic are experienced.
  • Concrete drinking water pools and concrete food silos as the interior coating.
  • It is used in many places where mechanical, chemical and abrasion resistance are required in the floors exposed to medium and heavy loads by mixing with quartz sand or different filling materials.


  • High chemical resistance.
  • Solvent free and harmful diluent, suitable for drinking water and food materials.
  • High pressure and abrasion resistance.