EPDM Based Dilatation Band

Product Description
ACS JOINT BAND EP ® is a black dilatation band which has high elasticity, is thermoplastic based, can be used in insulation of cracks, dilatation gaps, expansion joints, is produced in accordance with DIN 7864 standart, it shows resistance in atmospheric conditions and resistance to chemical materials in water and salt, has high UV resistance. Ethylene, propylene, monomer - based.

Place of usage

  • In the dilatation and joint sections under the ground in the bases and curtains.
  • Isolation of wide and irregular cracks in the buildings.
  • Can be applied inside and outside.
  • Permanent wet areas like pool.
  • Horizontal and vertical dilatation in building applications.
  • Feature of implementation in concrete, plaster, screed, epoxyand cement-based repair mortar,
    wood, steel plate, aluminium, CTP, epoxy, natural and artificial stone etc.Water structures (Drinking water, waste water treatment, water deposits, and pools).
  • Terrace, balcony, parapet and roof joints.
  • In the joint insulation in the wail.
  • Exterior facades, balconies, terraces, wet areas, parapet walls, building fittings and extrusions,
    concrete pipes, water-carrying containers, swimming pool wastewater units.
  • The dilatations and joints that remaining under the soil.
  • Junction points of different construction materials like reinforced concrete and steel construction.


  • UV resistant.
  • Gasoline and oil resistant.
  • The property of high elasticity to 500%.
  • Can be connected with heat.
  • Easy applied with epoxy adhesive.
  • High performance in different temperature ranges (-40 +120 °C) the ability to connect to each other.
  • Resistant to plant roots.