Thermoplastic Based Dilatation Band

Product Description
ACS JOINT BAND TP ® , is a dilatation band which has high elasticity, thermoplastic and is used for insulation of cracks and dilatation gaps, expanstion joints.

Place of usage

  • In the dilatation and joint sections under the ground in the bases and curtains.
  • Isolation of wide and irregular cracks in the buildings.
  • Can be applied inside and outside.
  • Horizontal and vertical dilatation in building applications.
  • Feature of implementation in concrete, plaster,screed, epoxy and cement-based repair mortar, wood,
    steel plate, aluminium, epoxy, natural and artificial stone etc.
  • Water structures (Drinking Water, Wastewater Treatment, Water Deposits, and Pools)
  • Terrace, balcony, parapet and roof joints.In joint insulation in the tunnels.
  • Exterior facades, balconies, terraces, wet areas,parapet walls, building fittings and extrusions,
    concrete pipes, water-carrying containers, swimming pool wastewater units.
  • The dilatations and joints that remaining under the soil,
  • Junction points of different construction materials like reinforced concrete and steel construction.


  • Gasoline and oil resistant.
  • The property of high elasticity to %580.
  • It is manufactured as perforated or non-perforated.
  • Can be connected with heat.
  • Easy applied with epoxy adhesive.
  • High performance in different temperature ranges (-40 +85 °C) the ability to connect to each other)
  • Resistant to plant roots.