Thermoplastic Elastomer Based, Polyester Mesh Backing Wall and Floor Chamfer Tape

Product Description
It is a waterproofing tape based on thermoplastic elastomer, reinforced with polyester mesh, used for the insulation of wall and floor joints and structural joints.

Places of usage

  • In wet areas
  • It is used in the chamfers of the floor and wall joints, in the insulation of the joints of precast or reinforced concrete roof streams.
  • In pools
  • In water tanks
  • In treatment plants
  • On balconies, parapets
  • Terraces, Roof ends
  • It is used in compensating and insulating movements in cold joints and dynamic cracks in floors and curtains with its elastic structure.
  • Easy to apply
  • Provides a permanent insulation
  • Resistant to many chemicals,
  • Resistant to ozone and UV.