Acrylic Copolymer Based, Single Component, Filled Primer with High Adhesive Strength

Product Description
It is a one-component, acrylic copolymer-based, filled primer with high adhesion strength, special for ceramic-on-ceramic applications, increasing the adherence of the surface and balancing its absorbency.

Places of use

  • Indoor and outdoor, horizontal and vertical applications,
  • As a primer on smooth and glossy surfaces such as ceramics and marbles.
  • It is used to increase adhesion and adherence before ceramic-on-ceramic applications.
  • It is used as an address-increasing primer before the manufacture of cement-based screed on ceramics.
  • It is single component.
  • Ready to use, quick and easy to apply.
  • New coating without breaking the old ceramic surface.
  • Allows the materials to be adhered.
  • Increases adherence before cement and especially gypsum plaster applications.
  • It prevents rapid water absorption.
  • It provides resistance against humidity.
  • It increases the adhesion strength by creating a rough surface.
  • Solvent free. It is odorless. It does not harm human and environmental health.