A New-Generation High Performance Polyurethane Floor Coating Material

Product Description
ACS PURCRETE S&TF ® is a polyurethane resin based three component solvent free non- joint colored floor covering material. Developed specially for areas requiring high performance. May be used on concrete and carbon steel surfaces. Has perfect adherence to prepared steel- reinforced concrete surfaces. It is resistant to high load and sudden temperature changes. Has wide range of chemical and solvent resistance. Suitable for stretchable by structure surfaces.

Places of use

  • On surfaces used wet and dry, for flat and smooth look on surfaces under high traffic or chemical load which require easy cleaning;
  • In medical industry and food production and processing,in industrialkitchens.
  • Cutting rooms of chicken farms, slaughterhouses.
  • Production and packaging departments of fishprocessing plants.
  • Cold storagedepots.
  • In all wet processingareas.
  • In textile, apparel, cosmetics, electrical partsproduction areas, instores.
  • Chemical production plants, storageareas.
  • Beverage productionfacilities.
  • In other industrial productionfacilities.
  • Also on ships, boats, means of seatransportation, wharfs.
  • In the living spaces of ships, kitchens, enginerooms, decks.
  • In areas of heavy cargo traffic onsea vehicles, ramps, parkareas.
  • On scaffolds, concrete, steel and wooden surfacesor joints.


  • Highimpact, load and thermalshock-resistant.
  • Wide range of chemical resistance (organic and inorganic acids, alkaliandsalt-tolerant.
  • Does not crack on stretchable floors.
  • Easily cleanable hygienic surface or
  • Decorative surfaces with smooth colored mosaic look or
  • Suitable for production of slip resistant floor with aggregates of different thickness.
  • Can be applied in high thickness in on ego.
  • Odorless application.
  • Maintenance friendly.
  • Belongs to low flammability group ofmaterials.